Theta Rhythm, 2010



In the film Theta Rhythm, I impersonate the role of my father Mirko Fajfrić in a meticulous reconstruction of a day in his life as an administrator for the Belgrade's City Committee in 1987. On this particular day, my father was present at the infamous 8th Session over which Slobodan Milošević presided. During this session the camera caught my father falling asleep. This meeting resulted in the conferral of power to Slobodan Milošević and is considered by many to be the turning point that contributed to the rise of nationalism, beginning of the ethnic conflict in Kosovo and ultimately the war and break-up of Yugoslavia. Perhaps it was a coincidence: the fact that my father worked in Belgrade's City Committee, and that the session was long and exhausting and broadcasted live on national television. But his failure to participate in what could hypothetically have been an opportunity to change the course of history, serves as a metaphor and an entry point for me to cope with what Freud calls "the screen of memory" – the way of mapping a place of traumatic experience. Besides the film this project consists of archival material, interviews with my father and his colleagues.

excerpt from a 17' min. video