Unfinished Business, 2016-2017



In an old Kunstzaal the distinction between past, present and future is unclear - the time broke down. An artist intensely resists his last days by remaking fragments of his life.

The storyline of this film is composed of an intertwined fiction and reconstructed personal history. It indicates the beginnings of the artist’s relationship with arts and its transformation through the years.
The main protagonist has several alter-egos or representations that accompany his material existence. They all inhabit the studio where the difference between a dream and reality is unclear.
The filmmaker’s father takes the role of the artist whose story could simultaneously represent a possible future or a different version of his past.
The studio is used as a cinematic space where artist’s daily routine is a choreographed performance in an attempt to make sense of his desires and traumas.

excerpt from a 18' min. video




Unfinished Business 6.jpg