The Confluence, 2012 - 2018



On November 18, 1988, Slobodan Milošević addressed the crowd of more than 100,000 people as the main speaker at a mass rally that confirmed his leadership of the "anti-bureaucratic revolution" which happened after the infamous 8th Session. The rally took place at Ušće (confluence in Serbian) that is located on the delta of Sava river and the Danube. This video consists of pieces of raw footage that has been re-edited. Simple manipulation of the image thus provides stark group portrait of the gathered politicians and ordinary folk whose role in the destructive force that came shortly after, is explicit. The juxtaposition between the jazz soundtrack (Pharoah Sanders, Harvest Time, 1976) and archive footage, unsettles and unconventionally shapes our view of this historic event.

excerpt from a 12' min. video